Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology

The teaching methods adopted in GVM are a diverse mix of the most recent innovationsin education and tutoring research. Teachers act as facilitators and guide the studentsusing activities, audio-visual stimuli, projects and presentations.

The children are introduced to each topic through a combination of realistic practice andproject work to ensure that the learning experience becomes a genuinely engaging and inclusive one.

 The goal is to teach the children at their normal speed. The facilitator addresseslearning from simple to challenging, in a linear way. This means the consistency ofdefinition contributes to a solid foundation before the child progresses to the next higherearning level.

In addition, at every level on the learning curve, young learners are motivated todevelop their vocabulary and constantly apply it.

Our key aim is to make the learning process an experience that is experiential, fun andmeaningful, ensuring it is remembered for life.

To ensure we provide a strong and secure learning environment for students, we have

created an inclusive and structured teaching methodology, as listed below:

  • the use of various learning styles and multiple intelligences to ensure that all students in the class are engaged.
  • a curriculum that caters to the individual as well as the class as a whole.
  • academic support for students who fare poorly in the class.
  • continuous evaluation that is diagnostic in nature, to clearly identify areas of improvement so that each child can progress effectively.
  • hands-on experience, active classrooms, well-trained faculty, promoting self – learning,adaptation of best practices, use of technology in education and CCE.
  • DEED (Drama, Elocution, Extempore, Debate) and DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) programmes.
  • a strong sense of discipline is inculcated from the early years itself.


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